Common major discrepancies those to be checked on receiving Export/Import documents.

(i)    Claused (unclean) Bill of Lading
(ii)    Charter party B/L (unless stipulated in the L/C)
(iii)    Full set of B/L not presented
(iv)    On Board endorsement unsigned, undated, unauthenticated in B/L
(v)    Bill of Lading does not evidence whether freight is paid or not.
(vi)    Stale Bill of Lading/documents not presented in time.
(vii)    Goods shipped on deck (unless stipulated in L/C)
(viii)    Shipment effected from port other than that stipulated in the L/C.
(ix)    Weightment Certificate not presented.
(x)    Weight differ between documents.
(xi)    Third party B/L or short form Bill of Lading submitted.
(xii)    Late shipment
(xiii)    Short shipment
(xiv)    Shipping marks and numbers differ between documents
(xv)    Description of goods on invoice differs from that in L/C.
(xvi)    Documents inconsistent with each other.
(xvii)    Amounts in invoice and Bill of Exchange differ.
(xviii)    Unit price not mentioned in invoice and inadequate number of invoices.
(xix)    Certificate of Country of origin of the goods not submitted.
(xx)    Certificate notifying Insurance Company of shipment not presented.
(xxi)    L/C amount exceeded
(xxii)    L/C expired
(xxiii)    Packing list not submitted
(xxiv)    Inspection Certificate not submitted
(xxv)    Fumigation/Health Certificate (fit for human consumption) not submitted
(xxvi)    Bill of Exchange drawn on a wrong party
(xxvii)    Bill of Exchange payable on an indeterminable date
(xxviii)    Partshipment/transshipment effected by not covered by the terms of L/C
(xxix)    Notifying party differs or not as per L/C
(xxx)    Forwarder’s Cargo receipt not acceptable (unless provided in the L/C)
(xxxi)    Absence of documents called for in the credit.
(xxxii)    Absence of signatures where required, on documents printed.
(xxxiii)    Description of documents on collection schedule differs with documents presented.
(xxxiv)    Cuttings, alterations in documents not authenticated.
(xxxv)    Bill of Lading, Insurance documents or Bill of Exchange are not endorsed correctly.
(xxxvi)    LCA number or Indentors registration number not mentioned in the invoice.

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