Proforma Invoice
After negotiation over phone/fax/letter/e-mail or any other mode between exporter and importer offer directly issued by the exporter to importer is called Proforma Invoice. It includes the specifications of the product, price, quantity, delivery period and other terms of sale of a particular product.
Commercial Invoice
Invoice means a list of articles containing particulars and prices. There is no prescribed form of Commercial invoice. Each exporter designs his own Commercial invoice forms. Commercial invoice is a set of five papers or as desired by the importer which should bear the date, full address of exporter (beneficiary) and importer, currency, quantity and amount as per credit, description of the goods, name of the vessel/carrier, port of shipment, port of destination, shipping marks, L/C and Indent or Proforma invoice references, freight, Insurance, origin of goods etc. Normally exporter signed the copies of Commercial invoice. As per Article 18 a(iv) of UCP-600, Commercial invoice need not be signed by the exporter.

Consular Invoice
This is a special type of invoice which is required by some countries. It is a invoice made out in a specially printed form and is sworn as, being correct in all respect before the Consul of importing country stationed in the exporters country. A consular invoice may also contain a declaration about the place of origin of the goods. The consul of the importing country then certifies the invoice. The principal function of the consular invoice is to enable the authorities of the importing countries to have an accurate record of the types of merchandise shipped to that country, their quantity, grade and value, both for the purpose of fixing and for assessing import duties and for general statistical purposes. It helps in clearing of the goods through the customs of the importing country without undue delay. Any false declaration in the consular invoice involves heavy penalty.


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