Required papers of a new importer for Import Registration Certificate (IRC).

After submission of the application by the intending importers for IRC alongwith the papers in mentioned above (a) and deposit of requisite fees, on being satisfied the Chief Controller of Import & Export (CCI&E) issue IRC to the Industrial Consumers or Commercial importers with their half yearly/yearly entitlement mentioning item of commodities.

+ Application in a prescribed form.
+ Valid Trade license.
+ Membership certificate of the respective trade organization or Membership from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
+ Registered partnership deed/Memorandum and Articles of Association alongwith Certificate of Incorporation.
+ Two copies attested photograph of the applicant(s).
+ Regular Bank Account.
+ Affidavit from 1st class Magistarte.
+ Asset Certificate of the applicant(s).
+ Ownership deed or Lease deed of the office premises alongwith rent receipt.
+ Bank solvency certificate.
+ Tax Identificate Number (TIN) Certificate.
+ Money receipt of requisite fee.
+ Any other document as required.

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